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Would you keep it as a caring play, include romance, or you mix it with sexual? How often would you like to play DDLG? Do you want to go all in the play or you would just prefer to play out elements of it like sucking on a pacifier or just wearing age play clothes? Do you want to play DDLG in public, where people might overhear or see you?

Acquire ready to go Beyond 50 Shades. Just what is a Daddy Dom? Well, to start with, a Daddy Dom is first and foremost a Dom. A Daddy Dom does not promote incest or pedophilia as the kink may be misunderstood by badly informed people. And while some doms after that some subs may have been victims of family violence, incest, or erstwhile abuse, Daddy Doms and their girls are not overrepresented in these categories any more than the general inhabitant. The following are some of the fundamental characteristics, and indeed needs, so as to all Daddy dominants seem to allocate universally: 1.

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