Paint Me: An Erotic Adventure

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Had your fill of city sightseeing? The Caribbean is home to many sex-forward resorts, but Hedonism II is by far the most famous. Visitors all get their own rooms complete with ceiling mirrors and can choose to hang out on the nude or prude side of the resort. The former requires you to strip down after five minutes and go fully nude, clothing is optional for the latter. For: Everyone, although the crowd is around 90 percent heterosexual, cisgender couples. The five-star ship is kitted out with 12 restaurants, a casino, bars, lounges, an art studio, and adult party playrooms where adventurous guests can put on or watch a show. As with all things involving public nudity on land, the same rules apply at sea.

Ciao, my name is Andrea and my best friends are Erica and Christina. And even during all these years in high school, we stayed friends. We continued together while our girly bodies developed and we went all the way through puberty, discovered guys, and grew ahead. Because of good looks, most boys knew us, and our group of three girls was known to the boys from other schools too, accordingly high school is mostly fun after that easy.