More Women Give Hunting a Shot

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From cavemen to famous hunters like Ernest Hemingway and Teddy Roosevelt, the activity has been male-dominated for the majority of history. But an exciting shift has emerged. In recent years, incredible numbers of women have taken up hunting for both necessity and preference. And the hunting industry has taken notice. Women-specific clothing, accessories and guns are popping up everywhere, and not just by the shrinking and pinking method. Gone are the days when a man leaves his wife behind to go hunting. Women with guns and bows are not only becoming a staple on hunting trips, but they're also taking to the woods and plains on their own, providing food and resources for their families without having to rely on a grocery store or butcher. With more opportunity than ever, the time is ripe for women to don camouflage and ghillie suits, hit tree stands and duck blinds, and take part in the rewarding act of hunting.

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All the rage recent years, American women are cost more time in tree stands after that deer blinds—and putting fresh meat arrange the table. The total number of women hunters surged by 25 percent between andafter holding steady for a decade, according to Census Bureau data. At last count, 11 percent of all U. Many state departments of natural resources have begun hosting Appropriate an Outdoors-Woman BOW workshops that agreement instruction in skills such as archery, shotgun, and rifle shooting.