15 Dominating Things She Wishes You’d Do During Rough Sex

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Then grind on her, so your bulge rubs against her clit. Grab her wrists and pin them over her head. Kiss her like you mean it. Push her head to the side so you can suck and nibble on her neck. Speaking of nibbling, work your way down to her shoulder and start biting. Just hard enough to make her gasp. Undress her. Throw her onto the bed. Gently shove her onto the blankets and then climb on top of her to do all the work yourself.

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Femininity can suit any mood or flash from intimate and romantic to angry and dirty. Another point on so as to scale is just plain rough femininity. All you have to do is tweak the positions you already appreciate and love to amp up the roughness factor for an unforgettable caper. Need some ideas? Check out these sexy suggestions from Emily Morse, Ph.

Ah rough sex, it divides opinion doesn't it? Slow, sensual sex with lots of touching and nipple play after that all those awesome things can be really great. But not everyone wants that all of the time. Jacky potatoes with beans and cheese is my favourite meal of all age I'm easily pleased , but I don't want it every night at once do I?