31 Skinny Secrets from the World's Sexiest Women

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To evaluate the quality, fit, and comfort of a wide variety of jeans, I researched hundreds of models online, and I tested 30 in person I wear a size 31 waist by 30 length. Together we selected a well-loved and comfy pair of slim jeans with a classic American vibea stretchier pair of denim jeans in the widest variety of sizesa flattering pair of straight slim jeans affordable enough to stock up onand my personal favorite a heavyweight pair of jeans with a button fly. I also tested selvedge jeans and made a few personal recommendations. We try to keep our links up to date, but retailers may experience stock issues, and jeans companies tend to cycle similar versions of the same items under different names. If your size is unavailable through one of our links, try looking for another pair in the same cut with similar materials, which should be close to what we recommend. How it feels: Well constructed and with a flattering cut, these close-fitting jeans offer the teensiest bit of stretch to make an already-comfortable pair of pants even more comfortable. These dark-wash jeans sit just under the waist, with trim legs that still let your calves and ankles breathe.

Diminutive differences between sizes, fabrics, measurements, action and a host of other factors can make big differences in the way two pairs of jeans air on you. Visit our buying guides before your next purchase. We channel you to the best raw selvedge jeansdenim jacketsheavy flannels and more. All the rage episode 10 of the Denimhunters PodcastThomas discusses his fit guide for men.

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