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Entrepreneurs will save the world We recently hosted our first fully digital Ask me Anything event with serial entrepreneur Anna Alex. In our interactive session, Anna answered questions asked by participants, sharing her expertise and experience, as well as forming a personal connection with everyone in an inspiring atmosphere. You missed the session?! Stay up to date here.

The questions come from you — Fans and Friends of Polaris - after that from us at Polaris. Today we are all impacted by major changes in our working and personal lives and we might feel vulnerable after that overwhelmed. By talking to leaders who have supported and empowered their teams during challenging times to find opportunities amid crisis. We want to bare and share their secret personal formula for dealing with change. She has a deep knowledge of the Internet community and collaborates regularly with stakeholders from various sectors including technical, collateral, academic and government. She is a real woman in tech connector after that ambassador and dedicates part of her time to increase the involvement of women in key positions in the RIPE Community. Shortly afterwards, this clause about her and her career crossing was published: meet Mirjam Kuhne.

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