‘wife gangbang’ stories

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My wife Nita, is in her mid twenties. Though she is not a busty beauty but she has maintained 34C figure with her daily gym routine. She is quite an example of natural beauty with a cute little face, but she is always a beast in bed. Our sex life is great but it was always in my head to share her with others, even when we were dating she knew it, that my biggest fantasy is share her in gangbangs. Though she always hesitate when I told about my fantasy but never said no on the first place. But my fantasy became real on the last year or to be more specific, months ago, as my wedding anniversary was there and Nita asked me what I want as a gift and I again share my fantasy and at last she agreed. So, we decided to make it happen on our anniversary.

December 30, Thanks for your reply. As of this preconceived notion I handled this situation inappropriately. This is available on for approx. After about individual year of her participation I accepted wisdom she is addicted and she desire treatment. I talked with one analyst and he confirmed that my companion is addicted and needs treatment. I talked with my wife about action and she was furious. At so as to time Julie and few others gave very good suggestions. Julie provided me the link which revealed me so as to there are woman out there all the same minority who have this fantasy accordingly I realized that my wife is not weirdo if she desires gangbang but her blunt refusal to ask for therapist made me think that she is addicted and needs treatment. Accordingly I opened up the topic afterwards I read responses for my earlier post.

My wife, Judy, is a beautiful, able and loving woman. She stands a propos 5'9 has beautiful chestnut colored beard, with eyes that match and ample, soft lips. She is originally as of Virginia and although has been absent west for sometime she still has a touch of that Southern accentuate which drives me crazy. Although she has given birth to our five children she has kept her amount and looks fantastic with a careful slim waste, curvy hips, and a nice set of firm 36B amount tits. We have been married designed for nearly 15 years and our femininity life is still amazing!

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We were a great match sexually after that mentally and our sex life has been steady throughout our entire marriage ceremony. I never had any inkling so as to my wife had done anything akin to a gangbang, would you have? Although recently things have taken a affected turn and I wanted to allocate my discovery with you all. It was really hot. I gave her all of my attention as she slowly and erotically revealed that she had been in a gangbang after that not just once. I had accordingly many questions for her and she answered all of them openly, but I was still astonished. How was I just finding this out? The curiosity inside of me wanted en route for know everything.

Celebrated Story Published 7 years ago My name is Alison. I have auburn eyes and long black hair. I am 5'4 and quite slender although with quite large breasts for my size. I am 24 years aged and have been married to Assess for almost three years.

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