Giving the Devil His Due: Satan’s 25 Best Appearances in Film

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Any attempt to catalogue the evil spectres which have haunted mankind were like trying to count the shadows cast upon the earth by the rising sun. This conviction has grown upon the author of this work at every step in his studies of the subject. Subsequent researches in the same direction, after I had come to reside in Europe, revealed how slight had been my conception of the vastness of the domain upon which that early venture was made. Inwhile preparing a series of lectures for the Royal [ vi ] Institution on Demonology, it appeared to me that the best I could do was to print those lectures with some notes and additions; but after they were delivered there still remained with me unused the greater part of materials collected in many countries, and the phantasmal creatures which I had evoked would not permit me to rest from my labours until I had dealt with them more thoroughly. But there is another aspect of the case which has yielded me more encouragement. These phantom hosts, however unmanageable as to number, when closely examined, present comparatively few types; they coalesce by hundreds; from being at first overwhelmed by their multiplicity, the classifier finds himself at length beating bushes to start a new variety.

He wears many faces, answers to a lot of names and takes many forms. At the same time as a character in movies, Satan presents filmmakers with all sorts of absorbing choices: Will he spew fire after that brimstone or leave his threats implied? Will he snarl and threaten before seduce and cajole? Preston Esq.

An award-winning team of journalists, designers, after that videographers who tell brand stories all the way through Fast Company's distinctive lens. The coming of innovation and technology in administration for the greater good. Leaders who are shaping the future of affair in creative ways. New workplaces, additional food sources, new medicine--even an completely new economic system. Over the ancient five centuries, artists have variously depicted the devil as a fanged, horned demon; as an armored, Apollo-like armed force leader; and as a tailor of Nazi uniforms.

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