If Dating Profiles Were Honest

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A group of New York lawmakers is trying to redefine consent in a way that would make it a crime to be less than fully truthful with sex partners. Under the new proposal, antics now considered merely caddish or immoral—like lying to a prospective sex partner about one's relationship status, social standing, or future intentions—would count as criminal sexual misconduct. Now in committee, Assembly Bill A —sponsored by Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright D—New York City and co-sponsored by three other Democratic lawmakers—would amend New York state's penal code to define consent as freely given knowledgeable and informed agreement that is obtained without the use of malice such as forcible compulsion, duress, coercion, deception, fraud, concealment or artifice. The biggest change Seawright's bill would have is on the state's law against sexual misconduct.

As a result of Gabrielle Moss November 19, As winter's cruel, icy grip descends upon us, it is once again time en route for forget any summertime delusions you had about meeting someone organically, you appreciate, like at a party or volunteering or something, and dust off your online dating profile. Yes, the yearly event known as cuffing season is in full swing. But while you're endlessly laboring to find the absolute words to describe yourself, your interests, and the potential mate whom you hope will eventually prevent you as of dying alone, others are not accordingly devoted. In fact, dating sites are packed with eerily similar profiles, ample of vague phrases that somehow accomplish you feel like you know constant less about the profile than you did before you read it. Can you repeat that? exactly constitutes living in the moment? What does it mean to allow no time for drama?

She was dangerous. She was setting adolescent girls up to be molested as a result of a predator. REUTERS The six counts Maxwell faces — including sex-trafficking of minors — stem from the allegations of four women who say they were abused by Epstein and Maxwell between and when they were teenagers. He also groped them and sexually assaulted them. Ghislaine Maxwell speaks along with defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim. REUTERS At the same time as Pomerantz described the abuse inflicted arrange the alleged victims, she warned jurors about the graphic, disturbing nature of their expected testimony. Set to be a witness are the four alleged victims, at the same time as well as former employees of Epstein, who killed himself in while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges. US Marshals escorted Maxwell, who wore a cream sweater and black pants, addicted to the courtroom at around a.

Prosecutors portrayed Maxwell as a sexual killer who enticed teenage girls, first as a result of befriending them, then serving them ahead to Epstein to be sexually abused. Labeling Maxwell as Epstein's partner all the rage crime in her opening statement, the prosecutor said in at least individual instance both Maxwell and Epstein were more than double the age of their victim. The government alleges Maxwell, 59, assisted, facilitated and contributed en route for crimes by Epstein by helping him recruit, groom and abuse girls at the same time as young as The prosecutor assumed Maxwell traded on the trust she earned from the girls, even body in the room when Epstein abused them. Defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim questioned the memories of Maxwell's accusers, portraying Maxwell as a government scapegoat designed for the real criminal — Epstein — and telling the jury that Maxwell is a convenient stand-in for the man who cannot be here. His death has been officially ruled a suicide.

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