The Beginner's Guide to Talking Dirty in Bed

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A lot of dirty talk, apparently. Online dating agency, Saucy Dateshas revealed what men and women prefer to hear between the sheets. This was alongside moaning, heavy breathing and screaming. Curious to find out more about what others like, I asked 11 people to tell me their favourite phrases in the bedroom. And, what their sexual partners say to them. Harry, 35, south London One of my partners asks me to slowly slide back and forth inside her. I lie still and basically do pelvic floor exercises to make it move. Leila, 20, Leeds Personally, I like silence in the bedroom or the usual moaning.

Linda Waite is in her 50s. Awkward and pretty, with short hair, she is sitting across the table as of me. Maggie Gallagher, a short after that plump woman with a pageboy cut and blow, sits between us. She and I are in our early 40s. We're at a table in the Algonquin Hotel, but these two women allow written a book that's a million miles from Dorothy Parker or the Round Table. It's called The Argument for Marriage. To begin, I'm conjugal, Waite is married, Gallagher is conjugal.

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This is part of that conversation. Perhaps if she would just moan a little — that would be a start. It might ruin the flash. You look like a delicate rose in bloom. And the glistening dew on your petals tastes like accommodating honey…mmmmm…I love you.