48% of women who had extramarital affairs are moms: Survey

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Many women wonder why their husbands are still not satisfied despite all the sacrifices they make to be available for sex, and many men likewise are bothered about why their wives still make excuses whenever they make sexual advances towards them, despite their effort to satisfy them the last time they had sex. The truth is, sex is more than rising and sinking or entering in and pouring out. I mean what gives a couple maximum pleasures and best satisfaction is more than entering into and coming out of the female vagina. For a couple to enjoy maximum sexual pleasure there are ways to go about it. This knowledge is what is lacking in many marriages and it is causing a lot of pains, heartaches, and great disappointment for couples. This is mostly the cause of infidelity among married people. Like a man responded to one of my past write ups in this column, a lot of men in the middle age bracket are fast losing their wives to other men, who have learnt and internalized the skills needed to give a woman sexual pleasure. Of course, this is also the reason why some men engage in extra-marital affairs.

Alicia M. Walker is a an aide professor at Missouri State University all the rage the Sociology and Anthropology department. At last, these women reject the binary intention of marriage that assumes that also we work on our marriages after that remain monogamous within them, or we break up the relationship and abide up other relationships. These women conjure up of an alternate solution to a marriage that is not wholly effective, where their own needs are ignored, unmet, and not prioritized. Thus, the women in this study are appealing in secret defiance of the expectations of marriage and primary partnerships.