Anne of Green Gables

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The circumstances in which I gave up smoking were these: I was a mere bachelor, drifting toward what I now see to be a tragic middle age. I had become so accustomed to smoke issuing from my mouth that I felt incomplete without it; indeed, the time came when I could refrain from smoking if doing nothing else, but hardly during the hours of toil. To lay aside my pipe was to find myself soon afterward wandering restlessly round my table. No blind beggar was ever more abjectly led by his dog, or more loath to cut the string. I am much better without tobacco, and already have a difficulty in sympathizing with the man I used to be. Even to call him up, as it were, and regard him without prejudice is a difficult task, for we forget the old selves on whom we have turned our backs, as we forget a street that has been reconstructed. Does the freed slave always shiver at the crack of a whip? I fancy not, for I recall but dimly, and without acute suffering, the horrors of my smoking days.

Anne is an orphan who is adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert after that grows up on their farm, Bottle green Gables. The novel follows Anne at the same time as she makes social blunders and tries to quickly absorb the rules of social conduct, religion, and morality so as to other children have grown up culture. She has difficulty mixing these collective customs with her own unique sensibilities. Anne is stubborn, passionate, loyal, after that intelligent.

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