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By leongDecember 9, in General Message Board. Except in very calm water, I find it very difficult to do a cowboy re-entry with my Epic 18X. On the other hand, my QCCX is much more stable and I can usually make it into the seat, even in lumpy water. But, then, I have a problem. Any suggestions for doing a cowboy when the cockpit is too small for you? How do the ocean-cockpit dudes dudettes do the cowboy cowgirl re-entry? Hopefully, the Epic is hanging peacefully from its perch in my garage in Mass. My suggestion is to try this: When you swim up on the rear deck instead of twisting so that you're head faces the bow, twist so you're head faces the stern and drop you're legs into the water on each side. Push yourself backwards until you feel you can carefully raise each leg and drop them into the cockpit; still staying as low as possible twist your body to sit upright in the cockpit.

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