DDLG Rules: A Little List of Rules for Littles

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For other ageplayers like myself however, it is their identity. Even though there are many benefits to ageplaying, it can be hard to know what things to say to someone who feels this lifestyle is wrong. Ageplaying involves treating the sub like they are a certain age, usually younger, anywhere from toddler to teenager. As a result, the sub treats their Dom like their Daddy. He takes on the paternal role of protector and caregiver, and administers discipline and training when needed. Ageplayers are NOT pedophiles. The definition of pedophilia is having sexual feelings towards children. A sub is not a child, but is a consenting adult. Basically, age playing and DDlg satisfy both individuals involved on many levels:.

Although what does it even mean? The answer is more complex than you might think. All of this can seem overwhelming, especially when you accepted wisdom you were just giving your boyfriend a nickname. This kind of BDSM dynamic involves the submissive being treated as both princess and juvenile, body pampered and spoiled for her able behaviors and scolded and punished designed for her not so good ones. BDSM lifestyles have created a loose agenda for how this kind of affiliation plays out. The daddy issues rules and guidelines for his little child to follow such as curfews, after that dress-codes. He administers punishments for rules not abided by, including writing absent lines, time in the naughty angle, groundings, lectures, and spankings. Any of this making you uncomfortable? She receives all the affection, adoration, support after that encouragement a girl of any become old could ever want and coupled along with an endless source of quasi-paternal adoration and care.

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Freebies Get the Book Learn Rope. At once you need some DDLG rules en route for keep everything on track. And you know that as well as adoration, they crave discipline and structure as of their Daddy. You might also benefit from these DDLG activities. For those of you who believe there is a link between DDLG and paedophilia, I urge you to do some delve into. The DDLG kink has nothing en route for do with being attracted to children.

This is where I go to be myself. This has been my asylum and a home I am Trish Nielson. While this is me, it could also be you. As we go through various stages of our lives, we go through periods of education, of risk, of curiosity, of staying safe, of exploration. There are challenges, and ups and downs.

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