Dealing with Loneliness in College during a Pandemic

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The problem, of course, is not BU-specific—the coronavirus pandemic has forced college students across the country to socially isolate, leaving many feeling at least a little, and sometimes more than a little, lonely. All of those measures, well-intentioned as they are, leave students feeling cooped up in their rooms all day long in front of a laptop or looking fixedly at their phone. With fewer students on campus and fewer chances to interact with others, since many have chosen to study remotely from home, meeting and making new friends has become harder than ever—at a time when everybody could use good friends. Loneliness is so common. Loneliness could really tip someone into mental health distress. Everyone has a hard time sometimes. That one act of bravery could be the first step toward realizing that this overwhelming feeling of loneliness? Fear of rejection Loneliness has plagued Americans for decades. Inbefore anyone had heard the term COVID, the insurance company Cigna conducted a large national survey of adults in this country and found that 61 percent reported feeling lonely, versus 54 percent feeling that way in

Marketing and Marketing Basics When a person is juggling job responsibilities and erstwhile commitments, why take on the above effort of enrolling in college? The ads — some of which distinctively pitched members of the military — prominently name-dropped employers like Adobe, Microsoft, and Twitter. The monetary judgment is the highest in an FTC argument involving a for-profit school. How did University of Phoenix convey those purportedly misleading employment messages?

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These past few weeks, I asked Concordia students to acknowledge the little things. But not like, the fun a small amount things. The stupid ones. Today is the day we acknowledge those things. Concordia does not have an awesomely large student population, which is absolute.

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