How To Find Your Passion for a More Fulfilling Career

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While the idea is simple, it can be difficult to define and follow what exactly you are passionate about. Finding your passion is an ongoing, sometimes lifelong journey. It takes many moments of thoughtful self-reflection, attention and action to find the topics, tasks and industries that make you feel excited. Although the ideas and motivations vary significantly from person to person, in this article you can explore the ways you can integrate your passions into your life and career. Some people choose to pursue their passions during their free time outside of work, while others prefer to dedicate their day-to-day work life to their passions. The choice you make will depend on what your passion is, whether or not it is easily transferred into sustainable living and whether or not you want your paycheck to be tied to your passion. Each day you are likely excited, interested or satisfied by certain topics, tasks or activities. There are six steps you can follow to identify your passion:. There might be a certain day of the week or time of the day you look forward to for some reason.