An Open Letter To All The Guys Who Say They Won’t Have Sex Using A Condom

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Some guys out there just really don't like condoms — and that includes plenty of guys who say they won't use condoms during sex. It's weird, because by now condom usage seems like it should be such a common sense thing — why wouldn't you want the sex you're having to be safe sex? So, if you're one of these guys in question, consider this an open letter to you, because there are a few things you really, really need to know. First of all, here's the thing: Even if it's true that you personally enjoy sex more without a condom, that doesn't mean your partner will. In fact, your partner will probably be able to enjoy sex a whole lot more if they know they don't have to worry about pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, because, guess what? The pill and other birth control methods don't protect against STIs — only condoms do — so it does matter. Eventually, there might come a time when you and your partner mutually the key word here is mutually agree to not use condoms togetherand that's different — if that works for you both, have at it! But refusing to wear a condom when the person you want to sleep with doesn't feel comfortable having sex without one? That isn't fun for anyone.

Anything you call it—love glove, salami chuck, or Casanova's pet name, English riding coat—nothing quite beats today's modern latex condom for cost-effectively blocking conception after that sexually transmitted infections. Used correctly after that consistently, an FDA-approved jimmy hat before Johnny bag can be counted arrange to all but eliminate the attempt of postcoital mayhem, from after-hookup fatherhood suits and HIV, to penile warts and a feeling your urine barrage has turned into lit kerosene. So as to last scenario—my late Uncle Phil's account of the wartime clap he constricted after unprotected sex with an Italian prostitute—still gives my willy the willies. With so many problems so by a long chalk circumvented, why do most men accompany the rubber strait-jacket as passion's alike of cruciferous vegetables and dental floss? One obvious reason: Condoms are additionally highly effective at blocking pleasure, artlessness, and emotional intimacy.

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Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. This study examined reasons for non-use of condoms among an online survey appraise of non-condom using MSM to 1 identify major domains, themes and categories encompassing reasons for non-use of condoms, and 2 examine whether reasons assort by role-in-sex insertive or receptive after that meeting venue online or offline. A thematic analysis was completed on accomplice responses to an open-ended question a propos reasons for non-condom use. Preference designed for not using condoms and contextual factors were the top two reasons agreed for not using condoms, followed as a result of a reasoned judgment based on attempt assessment, relationship status and interpersonal announcement. No major differences were found amid men who reported non-condom use by last receptive and insertive anal association. By contrast when meeting online, men were more likely to report reasons for non-condom use that corresponded en route for individual preference and mutual agreement not to use condoms. When meeting offline, men were more likely to allude to reasons related to context and relationships.