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Very personable, enthusiastic, and receptive to feedback. Would recommend! Great work ethic, fast learner, and receptive to feedback! All of our staff loved working with her and we would take her back in a heartbeat! He was a good worker and the times when he was given feedback on his performance he did make the necessary changes. Guests and staff liked Nick very much and enjoyed working with a twitter celebrity. The first weekly staff dinner allowed me to feel as if I'd known all of the permanent staff and newcomers for a long time and the experince only improved from there on out. Dave, the owner, was outstanding in his grace to keep all of us new staff employed even if they definitely didn't need us and kept us busy for the remainder of our stay. My only problem was the implementation of a weekly 24 hr on-call shift, to which only 4 of those working hours went towards our weekly limit, but we were required to stay at the hostel regardless.

Allow fun and ride more! Photo civility David Norona Never doubt the ability of positivity. Like a raging phoenix flying from a snow-capped peak, the warmth that radiates from positive ancestor captures the attention and captivates the imagination of all within sight. David Norona exudes encouragement and approaches altogether projects with benevolence. In a earth that seems to focus on the have-nots, I generally only see the amazing things we have. I application on how to have fun after that encourage others to do the alike. As a pro adventure athlete, David Norona gets to some exotic places. The people at BRP are the most passionate I have ever worked with and I have worked along with over 50 big corporate sponsors all the rage my career. But my main activity with them and in life is to remind people to have amusement.