5 Hymen Facts You Should Know

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This article is also available in Spanish. Coming from the Greek word connotation membrane, the hymen is a diminutive piece of skin found inside the opening of the vagina. Contrary en route for its name, the hymen is not a complete membrane covering the ample vaginal opening. After all, menstrual blood can pass through the vagina ahead of we have had penetrative sex designed for the first time. However, for a good number of us, the hymen is bent more like a donut with a hole or in some cases, a number of holes. This leads us on en route for our next hymen fact…. Some can be larger than others, some allow fringing, while others are more lobed-shaped. Some have round holes, others allow perforations shaped like a half-moon. But you're curious to see if you have a hymen or what it looks like, you can take a look yourself at home with a hand mirror and a flashlight.

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