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Get Fucked Up. You're Rude Get Fucked. Twist It Up feat. The Roach The Chronic Outro. The Chronic [DualDisc]. California [Live]. BMac BoneyT. Jngle Juice feat.

Let's get fucked up Let's get fucked up Let's get fucked …. Let's get fucked up! Let's get fucked up. Let's do some stuff. After that get fucked up. Tomorrow we'll air like we been hit by a truck. But, let's …. Gonna basic a shrink to get back all over again. Let's do some stuff….

Lyrics submitted by alternativeaddict Lyrics Artists add together. Let's get fucked up Gimme a cup, I'll drink 'till I baffle up Lets get fucked up Alcohol my only friend Lickin' my lips 'cause I've got the craving Saturday night and I've been saving My appetite for alcohol Give my motherfuckin' peeps a call Where can we do this It really don't affair Let's get drunk No, let's acquire plastered I ain't got shit en route for do in the morning Fuck the surgeon general warning Let's get fucked up Gimme a cup, I'll alcoholic drink 'till I throw up Alcohol my only friend Gimme a cup, I'll drink 'till I throw up Alcohol my only friend Let's do shots of Tequila Tomorrow there's gonna be spots on the rug Chug so as to glass of burbon sour I'll be pukin' in about an hour BAC is Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Let's Get Fucked Up song meanings.

Comittee baby Iconz, street money, yall ready? When a fight, will the shit go down? Get fucked up, acquire fucked up Get fucked up, acquire fucked up Get fucked up, acquire fucked up Get fucked up, acquire fucked up Nigga who? Look by all the shit we do Comittee bless nigga with tracks I'm finessing the raps You got a hundred dolla better Must confess in chaps Some labels spend a fuckin crush See these still on the bracket I got a, clique that nigga strapped ready for war We choose to ball then get bomb advance from hoers You know it's, altogether nigga when my click poll licka Nigga shining too, make that frost look bigga Out of Detroit??? Who you know out there stay fandied up Plus these classy chicks they sick of shit You need add then Benz cool to taste this chick Yall ballas in the alliance gon try to hit But yall aint even hear what shit bitch what you say? Yo know my girls is gon clown Get towed down Yall better know we aint fucking around Iconz super star akin to what

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