Two Fox News hosts urge viewers to get vaccinated despite anti-jab rhetoric from colleagues

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Brady Press Briefing Room P. EST MS. Thanks for your patience. A little delayed today, but for good reason.

Acceptable, I have several announcements for your today. The President is encouraged as a result of positive data on a potential additional vaccine. He also knows that this is just new data, and at once is the time for the FDA to do its job of evaluating the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. They will discuss this add with you and what everything agency then. That work has continued after that accelerated. Yesterday, senior staff spoke all over again to governors about the challenges they are facing and the importance of relief. The Office of Public Appointment will also brief black civic groups, anti-hunger and nutrition advocates, and answer progressive groups and invite their advice.

After that one of the CDC officials alleged yesterday, look, the pandemic right at once is really just with people who have not been vaccinated. What they are trying to do is accomplish sure that all of the ancestor who have not been vaccinated acquire vaccinated, he said. He then addressed Facebook, which has been slow - and in some cases reluctant - to remove anti-vaccination disinformation from its social media platform. The disinformation is online: The vaccine is killing lots and lots of people or it changes your DNA or there are little microchips. None of that is true. Later on the show, a Fox News medical commentator Marc Siegel was asked to comment on the efficacy of the vaccine. The absolute encouragement for viewers to take the shot stands in stark contrast en route for the views expressed by the network's popular pundits, specifically Tucker Carlson after that Laura Ingraham. Mr Carlson, whose act is the highest rated in the country, is often filled with plan theories, including those about the ashen nationalist great replacement and accusations so as to the NSA is spying on him. He has also dabbled in anti-vaccination conspiracy, claiming the Biden administration was trying to force people to abide medicine they don't want or basic.

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