6 Scientific Reasons Why Your Friends Really Do Make You Happier

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December 12, Shutterstock Best friends make the world go 'round. They celebrate our greatest wins, empathize with our toughest losses, and offer honest feedback on our most questionable actions—whether we ask for it or not. That's why if you're lucky enough to have a best friendyou should let them know how much you appreciate their love with one of these sweet best friend quotes. Whether you're looking for a serious ode to friendship or a funny quip about being partners in crime, we've got the perfect best friend quote for you.

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Delve into shows all those deep, 2 a. We rounded up six of the most compelling scientific studies that act just how important your friends actually are. They reduce your stress after times are tough. Breaking up along with your ex again? Being with a BFF during a stressful time reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, according to a study published all the rage Developmental Psychology. Being there for them cheers you up too. A analyse published in the Journal of Bliss Studies found that feeling important en route for or relied on by close friends was a big reason why friendships made people happy. They talk en route for you about the real stuff. Having those substantive conversations contributes to your overall well-being, according to a analyse published in Psychological Science.