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Click for PDF. The COVID pandemic, which continues to devastate communities worldwide, raised new and challenging questions about the balance between data protection and public health. Unprecedented cyberattacks by, among others, foreign state actors, highlighted vulnerabilities in both the private and public sectors. Sweeping new privacy laws were enacted, and came into effect. The full ramifications of these changes and challenges are extraordinary, and stand to impact almost every person and company in the country.

Civic servants and contractors who are not fully vaccinated must wear masks at home on federal properties. ALL MASK Ahead This phrase is used in the center listing below to denote centers currently requiring all employees to abrasion masks indoors while on-site, regardless of vaccination status. Click on a center below for more information. Mandatory telework is in effect agencywide. On-site act is limited to mission-essential work en route for protect life and property and accepted mission-critical work. Employees permitted to arrival to work on site will be notified.

The first-of-its-kind facility will allow scientists en route for mimic tropical to polar air after that sea conditions with unprecedented accuracy. San Diego tourism is bouncing back. Bidding Omicron derail it? Opinion: San Diego County should require masks at covered essential businesses. Sports Columnists.

Be grateful you, everybody, for -- for body here and thank you for those who are on the phone this morning. As we promised about two weeks ago, that we would be giving you regular updates on our COVID response and -- and vaccine distribution plans, that's what we're at this juncture to do today. As many of you know, the Department of Defense has long been planning a phased, standardized, and coordinated strategy for prioritizing, distributing and administering COVID vaccines en route for protect our people, maintain readiness, after that support the national COVID response. We're going to cover five specific pieces of information that are of consequence to the force and the broadcast -- the size of the early DOD allocation, the prioritization schema designed for the populations who receive the vaccine first, our priority plan phases designed for the distribution, the locations of the initial vaccine distributions and the all-purpose allocations, and the timeline for early distribution and next phases of the distribution and vaccinations. We have a lot of information to share. We've provided you all with the slides in advance, as well as our press release. There should be advantageous documents to follow along with. I will note that a lot of work has gone into planning all the rage the -- of the distribution of this vaccine, which in itself is a remarkable feat.

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