20 Free and Easy Ways to Be More Generous Today

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Generosity is costly, yet beneficial The premise of the study is that generosity is not necessarily an intuitive choice, as any selfless act comes at a personal cost. When we do something for someone else, we typically give away some of our personal resources, such as time, energy, or money. Research has linked altruism and the performance of charitable acts to activity in the temporoparietal junction TPJwhere the temporal and parietal lobes come together. The researchers from UZH and their colleagues decided to test for possible interactions between these two brain regions in the case of people performing generous acts.

Terms may apply to offers listed arrange this page. Image source: Getty Images Helping others could help you, also. Helping others could help you, also. From a young age, we're told that it's better to give than to receive. Although you may assume this is just a cliche, it turns out that there's a allocation of truth behind that sentiment. After we studied how being generous affects your life , we found so as to people with high levels of big-heartedness reap all kinds of benefits.

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