The Top 20 Blue Eyed Porn Stars : 2021

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She was walking to the apartment where she agreed to meet the guy that will be her partner in her first ever porn video. When he opened the door and looked her up and down, his jaw fell. The blonde girl standing in front of him was gorgeous, and her body was perfect. He moved from the door, and she walked inside. She was dressed in a pink shirt showing off her cleavage, and tight blue jeans that made her juicy ass look amazing. He helped her over to the bed, and before any of the action started, he wanted to talk to her first.

Porn fans have varying tastes, and a few have a fascination for discernment color, so this article ranks the best blue eyed porn stars. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and for these pornstars they are they gateway to their central sexual tiger. Blue eyes are the most desirable and attractive of discernment colors and those who have them have a calm and peaceful behaviour. Blue eyes are also thought en route for be representative of knowledge. To absolute these sexy blue eyed babes, fact analysis was used to improve grade accuracy and remove any personal favouritism.

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