High Heel Fetish: Why Are Sky-High Shoes A Sexual Turn-On?

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Many women covet high heels from brands like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, or Manolo Blahnik and willingly shell out big bucks to acquire them for the sake of fashion. Some men covet high heels, too, but for an entirely different reason: they have a high heel fetish and are sexually aroused by the people who wear them — and sometimes even the shoes themselves. A fetish is a type of sexual desire that is connected to a specific item of clothing, object, or part of the body, and altocalciphilia is the formal term used to describe a fetish for high-heeled shoes. Altocalciphiles, as they are known, are people who have sexual urges, fantasies, and preferences involving high heels. Just looking at a pair of high heels may sexually excite a person with this type of fetish and touching the shoes may result in further arousal. An altocalciphile might opt to wear high heels for sexual gratification and may have repeat fantasies about the shoes.

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