Prostitution in Canada

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It is important—and historic—that we have a prime minister and a government proud to proclaim themselves as feminists. This includes sexual and reproductive rights—and the right to access safe and legal abortions. We are positioning Canada at the forefront of this global effort. This is a matter of basic justice and also basic economics. We know that empowering women, overseas and here at home, makes families and countries more prosperous.

A record 88 women were elected all the rage the federal election, up from 76 in The following feature — which was initially published before the election — examines the gender difference in Canadian politics. Canadian women held just one-quarter of the seats all the rage the House of Commons when the writ dropped back in August. This figure places us 50th in a recent international ranking of women all the rage parliaments. The NDP's success in Quebec during the federal election largely triggered the uptick in the number of women in Parliament, with the amount rising to 25 per cent as of 22 per cent in the appointment. In spite of this, a big gender gap persists after decades of relative stagnation in Canada's House of Commons. Women comprise just 33 apiece cent of the candidates from the five leading parties in this appointment. Our research shows that is not necessarily a fact. Women elected all the rage Canadian general elections,

Abortion in Canada is technically legal by all stages of pregnancy regardless of the reason and is publicly funded as a medical procedure under the combined effects of the federal Canada Health Act and provincial health-care systems. Formally banned in , abortion would remain illegal in Canada law designed for the next years. Morgentaler that the existing law was unconstitutional, and struck down the Act. In Canada, altogether surgical abortions are performed by a physician, with nurse practitioners , pharmacists and midwives able to provide medications for non-invasive medical abortions within nine weeks 63 days of gestation.

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It is the types of abuse so as to women, girls, and Two Spirit, trans and non-binary people are at highest risk of experiencing. Many forms of this abuse are against the act. It can happen between people all the rage romantic relationships. It can happen all the rage families, at work, and between friends and acquaintances and strangers.

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