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Brutus has spoken first from the pulpit and has convinced the plebians that Caesar was a dishonourable. Nick - Male - We want to encourage actors and actresses not to avoid auditions that request a one-minute-monologue because they can be a blessing in disguise, as long as they choose the right one. This book is the answer to the comedic monologue needs of female actors everywhere! Real rough-looking boy, beat up Levis, messy hair.

I t is Friday night. Most of my generation are out there all the rage pubs, or indoors by the box, canoodling, arguing or cooking, or available across to the thermostat to aim the heating up. This place is so lonesome that even the doggers, boy-racers and stoners have spurned it. I curse myself silently. What arrange of Traveller would come and be asleep here on their own? I allow covered thousands of miles in my van in a bid to bare the history of Gypsy Britain. Although the road is proving tough.

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