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Hoppe It matters not whether a lady has a title in order to be called a gentlewoman. Rather, a lady is identified by her behavior. Manners are a compound of spirit and form, and should be part of the education of every person of whatever calling or station in life. They know no social boundaries. True courtesy is the basis of all social conduct and can be learned by all.

Individual night a week, along with a number of dozen other boys and girls of similar age, I was taught en route for shuffle my small feet in cautious approximation of the fox-trot and the waltz and, at the same age, received a measure of polite coach in the social graces. I had to dress for the occasion, all the rage a pint-sized blue suit, with a clip-on necktie and a pair of shiny black lace-up shoes. Refusing would have been unthinkable. I was culture manners. I was learning how en route for be a little gentleman, or by least to act like one. I stopped drinking punch and forgot how to dance. I went years devoid of writing a bread-and-butter letter, and beam as loudly as I damn able-bodied wanted to. Holding doors and coats was suddenly not a good aim at all. The little gentleman all the rage me lay low.

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