The Best Pull-Up Bars

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The Multi-Gym Pro has three grip locations, fits a wide variety of doorways, and is unlikely to damage the woodwork thanks to its uniquely rectangular doorframe pads. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is our pick because it comes with clear assembly instructions, is easy to set up, can acclimatize a wide range of door sizes, and offers three grip positions. It is also gentler on doors compared with all of the other units we tested due to uniquely absolute molding contact points, and has a small enough footprint to stow unobtrusively, even in a storage-challenged home. Our pick is gentler on doors compared with all of the other units we tested due to its uniquely flat molding contact points. The Absolute Fitness Multi-Gym Pro utilizes the alike basic design of the other products: Parallel, L-shaped bars attach to a perpendicular crossbar, which sits inside a metal safety stay that you bed in between the top molding and the wall. The rectangular support pads be flatter and are less likely en route for damage the woodwork.

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