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You might notice variations in this scent, especially after you have sex. The vagina leans toward the acidic side, with a typical pH level between 3. This acidic environment can interact with the substances in semen and temporarily alter the smell. Eating certain foods — like asparagus, meats, and garlic — or drinking a lot of caffeine or alcohol can make your semen smell pungent. Try limiting these foods to see if your semen smell returns to normal after a few days. If the smell persists, it could be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection STI or other underlying condition, such as: Trichomoniasis. This infection can cause itching and burning, as well as smelly penile discharge. This bacterial infection can cause burning when you urinate, testicle swelling, and white, green, or yellow penile discharge. This refers to inflammation of the prostate gland.

We'll notify you here with news a propos Turn on desktop notifications for betrayal stories about interest? In , a year-old girl living in the diminutive southern African nation of Lesotho came to local doctors with all the symptoms of a woman in labor. But the doctors were quickly puzzled because, upon examination, she didn't allow a vagina. Even the year-old child could not believe she was charged.

The general term applied to those who have difficulty reaching orgasm is anorgasmia. The Independent spoke to a gynaecologist and a psychosexual therapist to bare the seven reasons why women can not reach orgasm — and how to combat them. Alcohol intake Also much alcohol can impact the blood flow to your clitoris, which is, for most women, the part of the vulva that requires stimulation all the rage order to reach orgasm, explains Dr Shree Datta, a gynaecologist for Intima. Communication issues Being able to acquaint with your partner what you want after that how you like it is at the heart of to good sex and reaching orgasm, notes Kate Moyle, psychosexual therapist designed for Lelo.

A few of these side effects may attempt away after a few months. At time there can be irritation, infection, before scarring where the tube was locate. Implantable contraception increases the risk of blood clots. Blood clots can advance to serious problems with the lungs, heart, and brain. Smoking cigarettes although using the implant can increase the risk of blood clots. Don't be on fire if you use implantable contraception before another form of hormonal birth be in charge of.