Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer

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Almost as soon as you see that little line on the home pregnancy test, the worry seems to set in. You start thinking about the two cups of coffee you had at work yesterday, the glass of wine you sipped at dinner last week, the tuna steak you devoured for lunch 2 weeks ago. No doubt about it, pregnancy can be one of the most thrilling and most worrisome times in a woman's life. Of course, when you're pregnant, what you don't put into your body or expose it to can be almost as important as what you do. But worrying out about every little thing you come into contact with can make for a long and stressful three trimesters.

Afterwards about 9 months of reduced sexual activity during pregnancy, a couple can be ready to resume intercourse abruptly after the birth of the babe. A couple should generally avoid sexual intercourse in the 4—6 weeks next vaginal or cesarean delivery. However, address to a healthcare provider before resuming sexual activity. If a woman has had a cesarean delivery, a perineal tear, or episiotomy, a medical authority will likely recommend that a combine waits until the 6-week postpartum appointment before resuming sexual activity. Having association too early, especially within the at the outset 2 weeks, increases the risk of postpartum hemorrhage or uterine infection. A number of factors determine whether someone is about to to resume sexual intercourse following the birth of an infant, including:.

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A risk factor is anything that increases your chance of getting a ailment such as cancer. Different cancers allow different risk factors. For example, exposing skin to strong sunlight is a risk factor for skin cancer. Smoking is a risk factor for a lot of cancers. But having a risk aspect, or even several, does not aim that you will get the ailment.