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The YouTuber David Dobrik is driving his white Tesla through the verdant hills of suburban Los Angeles, explaining the challenges of selling thin-crust-style pizza in L. Just a few short hours ago, on the tail end of several controversies surrounding Dobrik and his YouTube collective, the Vlog Squad, squad member Jeff Wittek had released a video alleging that Dobrik permanently maimed him in an elaborate stunt gone wrong. And here he was, blithely chatting about his new pizza franchise and helping an old lady cross the street. After a few seconds, Dobrik jumps back into the car, giggling. When I ask Dobrik if this scene was staged as a way to distract from or counteract the effects of the Wittek video, he looks at me, confused and maybe a little bit wounded that I would so grossly misinterpret the intention behind a fun prank. His white Tesla has been a fixture on the streets of L. They love us interacting with each other and doing funny stuff. Relationship stuff on the internet always is like good clickbait. It gets good views and whatnot.

Monday, June 14, Take the third week of November. The Huskies played their season opener against Arkansas arrange the 14th, a Sunday. On Thursday, they boarded a chartered flight after that flew to the Bahamas for a tournament that began Saturday. In between?

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