Is Your Guy Addicted to Sex?

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Is Your Guy Addicted to Sex? And how do you know if your guy is a sex addict? Here are 10 clues that might explain his suspicious behavior. Plus, how much do you like sex? Take our quiz to find out

A minute ago as an alcoholic continues overdrinking constant when it does her harm, a sex and love addict seeks absent emotional and physical fulfillment from others, even when it hurts her. A few addicts say they primarily have a sex addiction, while others lean toward the love addiction side of things. Either way, explains Linda Hudson, LSW, co-author of Making Advances: A Across-the-board Guide for Treating Female Sex after that Love Addictsa sex and love compulsion describes a pattern of relationship behavior that is compulsive, out of be in charge of, and continues despite the consequences. Although the name, sex and love compulsion is the opposite of sexy—it is a deeply anguished and often dividing affliction. After all, it appears commonly in rom-coms and pop songs, she says. It was just becoming agonizing. Addiction is a brain disease, after that the illness is in control. All the rage particular, she says, addressing sexual damage from childhood or teenage years can help sex addicts gain perspective arrange their behavior.