Adultery no longer a criminal offence in India

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The main concern, according to the respected journal Economic and Political Weekly , is not whether the expectations of fidelity in a marriage are absolute or wrong, or whether adultery denotes sexual freedom. Where else is betrayal a criminal offence? Image source, Mansi Thapliyal Image caption, The latest argue with was made in view of the changed social conditions Adultery is careful illegal in 21 American states, as well as New York, although surveys show so as to while most Americans disapprove of betrayal, they don't think of it at the same time as a crime. Taiwan punishes adultery as a result of up to a year in confinement and it is also deemed a crime in Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia is drafting laws that prohibit altogether consensual sex outside the institution of marriage. In , South Korea's Absolute Court struck down a similar act where a man could be sent to prison for two years before less for adultery. The court alleged the law violated self-determination and confidentiality. More than 60 countries around the world had done away with laws that made adultery a crime, according to Indian lawyer Kaleeswaram Raj.