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It was the night of my twentieth birthday. I've always loved my Daddy. He is so strong, funny, and handsome. Ever since my Mommy died when I was little, Daddy and I have always been best pals. But I never thought of him sexually until that night. After graduating high school two years ago, a bunch of my friends and I all started attending the local junior college together. Most of us still lived at home, and we worked hard on our two-year associate's degrees. Now, two years later, most of us were graduating.

Celebrated Story Published 3 years ago It was an ordinary Wednesday night. I was walking past the bathroom, the door was ajar, and I happened to look in as I walked past. I saw it. It was just huge. I stopped and stared for a while not believing its size. In the thirty seconds it took me to look and analyse the cock in front of me, the switch inside me just flipped like the click of my fingers. I rushed onwards to my bedroom, feeling disgusted with myself. At this time of night it would allow to be my fingers or dildo. I wish I was normal.

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