Blue Contact Lenses

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This selection of blue contacts is perfect for anyone in search of a temporary new eye color. A brand new natural eye color could lead to a whole new look for yours truly. Trust us when we say that our blue eye contacts could totally change the way you look and style yourself! Each pair of lenses in our range of blue colored contact lenses is perfect for Cosplay, fancy dress or just for adding some subtle sparkle to your everyday outfit. We have a dedicated Aqua Contact Lenses section for those searching for pale sky blue contacts. These styles keep it natural whilst offering a deep, bold and more emphasised finish to your eye color. Some styles offer hints of other shades, such as green, grey and even white, for ice blue crystal effects. If you are looking for natural blue contact lensesthen look no further! We have an expansive collection of cosmetic contact lenses which include plenty of bold blue shades and styles.

All the rage the array of possible natural beard colors, dark hues are the a good number common — more than 90 percent of people worldwide have brown before black hair. Red hair, occurring all the rage just 1 to 2 percent of the population, is the least coarse. Blue eyes are similarly uncommon, after that they may be becoming rarer. Individual study found that between andmore than half of non-Hispanic white people all the rage the United States had blue eyes.

Above-board Sinatra's were legendary, Paul Newman's melted a million hearts while Cameron Diaz's dazzle in modern Hollywood. According en route for a team of researchers from Copenhagen University, a single mutation which arose as recently asyears ago was accountable for all the blue-eyed people active on Earth today. The team, whose research is published in the academic journal Human Genetics, identified a single alteration in a gene called OCA2, which arose by chance somewhere around the northwest coasts of the Black Aquatic in one single individual, about 8, years ago. The gene does not make blue in the iris; considerably, it turns off the mechanism which produces brown melanin pigment. And a good number people still do. The finding so as to a rare mutation, probably dispersed all the rage the rapid wave of colonisation so as to followed the end of the after everything else ice age, highlights one of the great mysteries of human evolution: the oddness of Europeans. Those from Europe and the Near-East have many characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the human race. Not only are Europeans far more apt to have blue eyes 95 apiece cent in some Scandinavian countriesthey additionally have a far greater range of skin tones and hair colour than any other ethnic grouping. It is only in Europe that you bidding find large numbers of blondes after that redheads, brunettes, pale skins and bottle green skins, blueeyed and green-eyed people active together in the same communities.