Klinefelter syndrome

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Turner syndrome TS or monosomy X is a genetic disorder that occurs in girls. It causes many traits and problems. Girls with TS are shorter than most girls. They may also have other health problems such as heart or kidney problems. The seriousness of these problems varies from girl to girl. Many of the health problems affecting girls with Turner syndrome can be managed or fixed with treatment. Turner syndrome is rare. It occurs in about 1 in 2, to 2, girl babies. When a baby is conceived, a normal egg cell and normal sperm cell start with 46 chromosomes.

Turner syndrome, a condition that affects barely females, results when one of the X chromosomes sex chromosomes is absent or partially missing. Turner syndrome be able to cause a variety of medical after that developmental problems, including short height, bankruptcy of the ovaries to develop after that heart defects. Turner syndrome may be diagnosed before birth prenatally , all through infancy or in early childhood. Infrequently, in females with mild signs after that symptoms of Turner syndrome, the analysis is delayed until the teen before young adult years.

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Ago to Health A to Z. Chromosomes are packages of genes found all the rage every cell in the body. Around are 2 types of chromosome, called the sex chromosomes, that determine the genetic sex of a baby. These are named either X or Y. The X chromosome is not a female chromosome and is present all the rage everyone. The presence of a Y chromosome denotes male sex. Boys after that men with Klinefelter syndrome are allay genetically male, and often will not realise they have this extra dna, but occasionally it can cause problems that may require treatment. Klinefelter condition does not usually cause any apparent symptoms early in childhood, and constant the later symptoms may be arduous to spot. Most boys and men with Klinefelter syndrome will not be significantly affected and can live average, healthy lives.

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