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Butterfly life cycle A life cycle is made up of the stages that a living organism goes through during its lifetime from beginning to end. A butterfly undergoes a process called complete metamorphosis during its life cycle. This means that the butterfly changes completely from its early larval stage, when it is a caterpillar, until the final stage, when it becomes a beautiful and graceful adult butterfly. The butterfly life cycle has four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The first stage of the butterfly life cycle is the egg or ovum. Butterfly eggs are tiny, vary in color and may be round, cylindrical or oval. The female butterfly attaches the eggs to leaves or stems of plants that will also serve as a suitable food source for the larvae when they hatch. The larva, or caterpillar, that hatches from the egg is the second stage in the life cycle. Caterpillars often, but not always, have several pairs of true legs, along with several pairs of false legs or prolegs.

Although new research, led by a arrange at University College London, finds so as to females do not resign themselves en route for forced virginity. Instead they become immoral scavengers, taking advantage of a definite male's high capacity for mating. The new study appears in this week's issue of Current Biology. The band, led by UCL biologists Sylvain Charlat and Gregory Hurst, studied 20 populations of the butterfly Hypolimnas bolina, frequently known as the great eggfly before the blue moon butterfly and bring into being in Southeast Asia and on Appease islands. The populations had female-to-male ratios ranging from nearly even to groups in which females outnumbered males 40 to one. The latter populations were affected by a parasite called Wolbachia, which kills male embryos before they hatch, but does not affect adolescent females. The bacteria are passed as of mother to son and can advance to drastically skewed female-to-male ratios. The researchers were able to monitor the sizes of the spermatophores and bring into being that its diameter per copulation decreased in males that mated with a lot of partners. The scientists wrongly hypothesized so as to this decrease in average diameter capacity result from the males rationing their sperm; it turned out, however, so as to they were running out of resources to distribute.

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