Nasal Congestion : Infant/Toddler

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Black hairy tongue may be caused by tobacco, tea, or coffee. Image credit: Com4,February 22 Different factors can trigger the onset of hairy tongue. These include: A soft diet: A lack of stimulation for abrasion to the surface of the tongue can prevent sufficient shedding of the papillae. Poor oral hygiene: This can cause a buildup of bacteria or yeast, contributing to hairy tongue. Certain substances: Tobacco use, as well as excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee or tea, for example.

Bidding smoking outside protect my baby as of second-hand smoke? Smoking outside is advance than smoking indoors, but no affair where you smoke your baby be able to still be exposed to cigarette poisons. Whenever you smoke, poisons such at the same time as nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide be able to get into your hair and attire and remain there for at slight an hour. You also continue en route for exhale these poisons for several minutes after extinguishing the cigarette. So but you have a cigarette and after that hold your baby, she will exhale in these harmful substances. Smoking classified your home when your baby isn't there is not safe either. Poisons from cigarette smoke can settle arrange surfaces throughout your house, and adjourn there long after the smoke after that smells disperse. Your baby is above all vulnerable to this, as she can crawl and walk on floors enclosed with cigarette poisons.

I'm pregnant and my partner smokes dig over. Will it affect our baby? But you're living with your partner, his habit may be harming you after that your baby. That's because you're inhaling the smoke from his joints after he smokes in the house before around you.

Fitness Smoking is good for you All week we read that something we believe is bad for us essentially has beneficial health effects. This week it's coffee, before that it was pizza - and every other calendar day it's red wine. But can these stories really be true? That depends how you interpret the facts.