Inked & Pierced - Showing Commitment with a BDSM tattoo in a D/s Relationship

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I have been covering the pioneers of hardcore tattoo, body modification, and BDSM for several years now. Although at times these spheres of pain may overlap, they have always maintained their distinctiveness. Until now. Feris Tergoa project in three acts, exist to show the art of what is possible beyond the limits of pain. The first act saw a tongue and nipples tattooed, pierced, clamped, a face gagged and suffocated, a body beaten.

A lot of the time, people acquire pierced or choose a tattoo aim purely for the visual impact before aesthetic appeal. You can have a bite that commemorates an important time all the rage your life or accentuates a actual part of your body or a bite that looks cool. It deals along with tattoos, sex and kink. But, designed for subs and doms, a BDSM tattoo can be more than just adornment. Your own slave number as a BDSM tattoo. Image via: Commons. A website called The Slave Register was set up in and used a random number generator to issue distinctive registration numbers in the form of a readable barcode.

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