Straight Men Take Note: 11 Women Confess What They Love About Gay Porn

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Specifically, that gay pornography is overwhelmingly the most preferred and watched genre of pornography available. On their site, self identified females prefer gay pornography above all but one other genre of pornography on the site. So, everyone is asking, why the preference for male dominated gay pornography? So, I went to Redditwhere opinions are almost always unfiltered, to see what the women there had to say about the study. The guy should be really good looking, the girl should be average looking and she should not have done any body grooming. The girl should give him the roughest most robotic hand job while her head and body never enter the shot. The girl should be more or less silent and only partially in shot at all times, you never see her bum, boobs, face… Meanwhile the guy should be making ridiculous fake noises and asking the girl to do things to him in the most degrading way possible. He should deliberately speak with his voice an octave lower than it would be naturally. I prefer gay porn because I find the moans of the women in straight porn really off putting.

Even if I frequently have sex with erstwhile men, I would consider myself above-board. Before the rainbow flag waving gay activists start denouncing me as a closeted gay man who is all the rage denial, please hear me out at the outset before you jump to that apparent conclusion. I went to an all-boys secondary school and as you be able to imagine, we were all perpetually horny. My clique and I used en route for watch porn together after school. Looking back, it was pretty lame. We never jerked off or anything.