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Kieron thought that he should warn Marie that he had inadvertently let Tina know about Linda being involved with both himself and Marie but Marie had said for him not to contact her. He had her mobile number but she said that communication must be one way With my job in the technological field, I often take online courses or attend training seminars in different cities. A week back was one of those where I had to attend a training seminar in Houston, Texas. This seminar included an instructor and five othe Her eyes lock onto Jed, or rather that part of Jed homing in on her — the Exocet missile primed to take out her cunt. He fixes his sites on that flowerin Marie Thompson waited until late afternoon before phoning her friend Linda Ralph because she knew that by then that forty-nine-year-old Linda would have taken the eighteen-year-old youth that she was fucking, back to his flat.

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Cut and the Librarian Category: Mature. Absolute 0 votes. Here I am meeting here all alone on a Friday night again. My mind is not upon the books in front of me and once again I am thinking of other matters. I glare at that thought, for I am getting behind on my studies.

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