Let My Hair-Breakage Disaster Be a Warning to Anyone Who Bleaches Too Much

Wet brunette 452204

I remember the first time I had a panic attack over my hair. No hyperbole here — I'm talking about a hyperventilating, need-some-Xanax-now-level panic attack. It was in eleventh grade, hours after I'd decided to take my dyed-blonde hair darker, because Jessica Simpson had lowlights. It wasOK? I had been a bottle blonde for years at that point. My hair, which I straightened every morning before school, was a honey color back then. I never cared about getting it cut and would frequently chop off inches out of boredom. But in that moment, I felt ugly. I needed to go back to who I'd been hours before, as quickly as possible.

April 17, in Bridal Beauty. I started doing it myself at home, after that then progressed to getting it done at a salon every six en route for eight weeks. My hair is artlessly very dark so perhaps it was just left on for too elongate, under too much heat. She alleged it also looked like the blanched areas had overlapped each time, all over again, most likely in an attempt en route for get it as light as achievable. When I started to see Elbie, my hair resembled chewing gum after it was wet stretchy and thin!

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