Here's Why Women Might Feel More Horny At Night

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But pre-pandemic, evening sex, post-dinner and drinks, was absolutely my jam. My partner, on the other hand, was always more down to bone morning or night. The experts I interviewed say that the answer comes down to a complex combination of biological and environmental factors. A study of men and women in Poland suggests that biological sex and chronotype play a role. Your chronotype refers to variations in your wakefulness and activity throughout the day, per Healthline. In general, research groups people into three chronotypes: morning, evening, or neither.

According to the grapevine, men and women feel their horniest at totally opposite times of calendar day, according to a surprising survey. But you're in a hetero relationship after that you and your partner are having less sex than you'd like, it might not be your technique that's the problem but your timing. Absence to get a girl horny? You might not have much luck along with morning sex. According to a analyse done by sex-toy company Lovehoney , the clock may be to accuse for all your missed connections: Men are horny most often in the morning, while horny women feel a good number excited at night.

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